About Donegel' Chong

Donegel' Chong

(Birth Name: Chong Wei Yong (Hanyupinyin: Zhong Huiyong))

" I am what I am, what I do is me and that is where I came. I want to be free to create what I want, mostly dealing with my personal experiences, my likes, like nots, wants, want nots, and they are with different extents biographical - My personal reflections of life."

Swiss Artist Donegel' Chong, originally from Malaysia is based in Thurgau Switzerland. His art career began in December 2018, after a serious illness. Since then, Chong's original artworks have already been presented in China, Germany, the UK, Italy, Norway and Switzerland. His artworks are also in private collections in Norway, Panama, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan and Thailand.

Donegel' Chong's artworks are biographical to varying degrees - they deal mainly with his preferences. Chong calls them "personal reflections of life". Donegel' Chong has developed his own unique style of painting, with brushstrokes he calls "Kurrrlys" or "emotional release brushstrokes".

Since 2018, he has continuously used this technique in varying degrees of intensity. Donegel' Chong is inspired by the lives of Francis Bacon and Yayoi Kusama, and the aesthetics of Cy Twombly and Egon Schiele.


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